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5- bedded room with two 2 storey beds and 1 single storey no rooms no rooms no rooms no rooms Tiger Hostel room 5bed.jpg

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4-bedded room with one 2 storey beds and 2 single storey отсутсвует отсутсвует отсутствует отсутствует Tiger Hostel room 4bed.jpg

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3-bedded room with a 3 single storey Tiger Hostel room 3bed.jpg

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2 - bedded room with two one-storey beds Tiger Hostel room 2bed.jpg

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Double-bedded room with wide and comfortable bed Tiger Hostel room 2dbed.jpg

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1-single bed room Tiger Hostel room 1dbed.jpg

Prices vary depending on season and number of occupants.

All prices are in EUR per night per person, VAT 12% included.