Check-in: 14-00
Check-out: 12-00
When leaving after more than 12 hours after checkout time as payment is made for a full day.
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Tiger Hostel Check-out: 12-00
When leaving after more than 12 hours after checkout time as payment is made for a full day.
Check-in: 14-00
If you have arrived at the hostel before the appointed time, you will be able to register and take a walk around the city. Check with 09-00 to 12-00 at no additional charge based on availability. The cost of a single room in a hostel, and the method of payment are set by our administration. The hostel reserves the right, subject to availability in your room podselyat guests regardless of sex and age. This does not in any case should not be regarded as infringing on your freedom, because, who knows, maybe your new neighbor or a neighbor for life will be your best friend or your girlfriend.

Available Services

Tiger Hostel Our place has nice interior, equipped with new beds, linen and other equipment, comfortable and spacious rooms and a careful attitude towards each of the guests. A warm shower, fresh linen and towels - everything is at your disposal. The hotel is guarded 24 hours a day. Hostel has 95 beds, we can deploy 95 guests. Hostel has several toilets and shower cabins with wash basins. An independent heating sistem supports heating of the hostel all-year long.
Almost all the additional services are free of charge.
Our hotel combines a convenient location, reasonable prices, comfortable rooms, welcoming staff and a high service standards.
We are sure that every guest will want to visit us again.

Fresh bed linen, towels;
Refrigerator, microwave oven, dishes, etc. kitchen Appliances;
Clean washrooms, toilets and showers. Cleaned daily.
Booking 24 hours in advance, 24 hour care.
Information, maps;
Hair dryer;
Board games (chess, checkers, cards);

Transportation arrangement;
Telephone, FAX;
Disposable hygiene kits;
Express check-in for foreign nationals;





Tiger Hostel When leaving, do not forget to take the key administrator! If you lose your room key will have to pay a fine, so be careful.
Attention! The leaders accompanying school groups are responsible for the behavior of their wards in the hostel. Keep an eye on them!


Rest period and total silence
Anyone who travels and lives in hotels, it takes comfort and peace. TIGER HOSTEL guarantees a good rest during sleep and sees to it that the allotted hours for rest in the hotel to keep quiet. It is clear that young people - people are cheerful and sociable and find it difficult to control yourself. Remember, though, that the mode of life, the time of arrival and the time zones for all of our guests is different, so friendly, respectful to the neighbors - this is the basic rule of conduct in TIGER HOSTEL! Bedrooms in HOSTEL - a place of rest and sleep, and not noisy gulyanok and parties, so bring your friends, talk loudly (including on a cell phone), listen to the soundtrack, you can laugh and make noise only with the consent of your neighbors! Take care of your vacation in advance and quickly get to know them, age establish friendly relations.

Smoking and the use of psychotropic substances. Smoking in the hostel premises we impose heavy fines, so try not to break the rules, but rather spend time more productively, for example, go to the movies or go to the Old Town. Drinking alcohol and being under the influence. We refuse to guests staying in a state of extreme intoxication - it is our rule. Disturb public order, to show aggression or disrespect towards others. Lead not living in a hostel to 10.00 and leave them after 2200. Make noise, listen to music or talk loudly from 23-00 to 10-00. Make noise, listen to music or talk during the day stay roommates (unless you previously did not agree with them). Groups of more than 10 people, please contact us by e-mail or by phone +371 22846042, we will select the most advantageous option of accommodation. Our hotel combines an unbeatable location, reasonable prices, comfortable rooms, hospitality workers and good quality service. So we are sure that everyone who visited us wish to stay here again. See you soon in TIGER HOSTEL!!!